Hvirvelkærgård - Owned by Bente & Leif Sørensen

Permanent exhibitions, special events and an exciting pub.
Hvirvelkærgård owned by Bente & Leif Sørensen - Since Hvirvelkærgård was acquired in 1998, is continuously implemented several projects and several new is always undervejs.Galleriet and the store operated as a parts store with 18 tenants, who then fits shop and gallery in turn.
Gallery Hvirvelkærgård
The gallery on Hvirvelkærgård now houses one of Østhimmerlands largest collections of art, handicrafts, paintings, jewelry, glass and wrought ironwork.
Shop Hvirvelkærgård
In our store you will find exciting gift items, women's clothing, bags, textiles, soaps / lotions,
Wine / beer, delicacies, hand-dipped candles, handmade goblins and patchwork
and tailoring offering sewing for personal goals and desires, also the sale and rental of party dresses.
Party room
Event Room "stable" with large brick fireplace and bar, rented out for all kinds of celebrations
and events, complete with tables, chairs and service up to 100 people.
PitStop on Hvirvelkærgård
If you need a break on the tour of North Jutland and Østjyllands beautiful nature, you can take advantage of our PitStop space for campers with access to shower and toilet.
There is also the opportunity to use our space directly down to the Kattegat, but without toilet
conditions and bath. We also have a tent site with access to shower and toilet.
You are also welcome to use our outdoor stands- / bench.
There will be made initiatives with various exhibitions and events throughout the year,
Read more about this in punk Special activities on our website.
free parking